Monday, May 26, 2014

Tokio Marine Never Cuts Bonus: Participating Fund Update 2014 - Things We Can Learn From

Just received Tokio Marine's Participating Fund 2014 update from my whole life policy with them.  As expected, they are maintaining the bonus rate for their participating policies.

For info, Tokio Marine is one of the few companies that maintains its bonus rate for its whole life policies pretty consistently over the years.  In fact, the report states that they are the ONLY life insurer in Singapore to have honoured all their bonus rates for the last 66 years!

This is probably testament to their sound investing policy for their participating fund.  Even though they acknowledged the volatile investment climate of 2013, they are still maintaining the par fund bonus even though the returns came in lower than expectations.

Some interesting stats from their par fund:

Market Value (measured by total assets in $million)

  • 2011:  $2,142
  • 2012:  $2,677
  • 2013:  $3,073

Asset Mix of Fund for 2013

  • Equity : 37%
  • Fixed Income: 52%
  • Cash: 7%
  • Property: 3%
  • Others: 1%

Breakdown of Fixed Income S$1,589million

  • Singapore Government Securities = S$288million (18%)
  • Quasi-Govt/Investment Grade Bonds = S$857 million (54%)
  • Other Bonds = S$444 million (28%)
Top 10 Equity Holdings (the most interesting part to me...) S$1,126 million
  • Tokio Marine Fund - Far East Equity Portfolio
  • TMA Umbrella Fund - TMAI Asian Equity Fund
  • SingTel
  • DBS 
  • UOB
  • OCBC
  • Keppel Corp Ltd
  • Singapore Press Holdings (SPH)
  • StarHub
  • Singapore Technologies Engineering

Disclaimer:  I am not a Tokio Marine insurance agent and am not making any recommendations whatsoever about Tokio Marine and its insurance or investment products.


  1. Replies
    1. 4.75%, same as all other insurer companies regarding participating plans.

      The upper limits of 4.75% is set and regulated by MAS so its standardized across all 9 companies.

      If you are interested, you can contact me to find out more

      Tokio Marine Financial Consultant

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